Want security, confidence and hope through your divorce?

Divorce overwhelms the system. Our thinking brains are on overdrive and decision making gets impaired. In this 14 day journey I will teach you how to see clearly and make smart decisions for yourself and your family. As a clinical psychologist for over 15 years I have helped hundreds of divorced clients learn how to make decisions that lead to confidence, security and optimism.

Transform into the sexiest, most alive, and radiant divorced superwoman in 14 days.

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    About Me:

    I am Dr. Elizabeth Cohen. Using my expertise I created this guide utilizing research supported strategies from a variety of therapeutic approaches. I will be presenting you everyday with tools that will help you get connected with your innate decision making ability.

    This Is For You If You've Been Asking Yourself:

    • “What do I tackle first?”
    • “How do I protect my kids from the pain of this?”
    • “How do I protect myself legally and financially?”
    • “How do I make it through the day without crying or screaming?”
    • “Who can I trust to help me during this time”?